The subject matter for this gouache series explores the lines between instinct and rationality. I read a group of metaphysic articles then reacted to them by creating these paintings. The articles discussed the subjects of rationality in relation to topics like sexuality, masculinity, and groups (societies/cultures).

With that knowledge I created a new world.

The time and location of this world is unknown. All that is known is that there was a city, now abandoned and occupied by primitive beings. Occupants who once lived in the city fled to it’s outskirts for a new life.


I needed to let out my frustrations with my adult acne. I don’t know who conditioned me to believe that you stopped getting acne after your teen years. The cause of this affliction is still unknown. Anything from stress to hormones can trigger your acne, it can even be a genetic predisposition, so there really is no beating it. 

I decided to combine my two favorite subject matters; patterns and the color pink. Within those guidelines I began to experiment.

1960’s illustration were a big influence for me, Peter Max especially. 

I have officially developed an obsession with truckers, semi-trucks, and everything alike. Where do truckers call home? Is it the tin can they spend 85% of their time in? Or is it where they end up when the journey is finally over? 

Experience #1

I’m captivated by the human brain’s interactive relationship with experience. First-hand and second-hand experiences can have the power to rewire parts of the brain.