The subject matter for this gouache series explores the lines between instinct and rationality. I read a group of metaphysic articles then reacted to them by creating these paintings. The articles discussed the subjects of rationality in relation to topics like sexuality, masculinity, and groups (societies/cultures).

With that knowledge I created a new world.

The time and location of this world is unknown. All that is known is that there was a city, now abandoned and occupied by primitive beings. Occupants who once lived in the city fled to it’s outskirts for a new life.

I decided to combine my two favorite subject matters; patterns and the color pink. Within those guidelines I began to experiment.

1960’s illustration were a big influence for me, Peter Max especially. 

I had so much fun with this one! I decided to recreate the Burger King logo. The first photo is the original poster, and the second one is a pattern within the poster I decided to expand. The posters are meant to be promotional material for Burger King.

My debut short film about a day in the life of a deranged alien truck driver who is awfully obsessed with the classic film Thelma and Louise. So much so that it leads to his demise.

Experience #1

I’m captivated by the human brain’s interactive relationship with experience. First-hand and second-hand experiences can have the power to rewire parts of the brain.

I have officially developed an obsession with truckers, semi-trucks, and everything alike. Where do truckers call home? Is it the tin can they spend 85% of their time in? Or is it where they end up when the journey is finally over?